Thursday, September 8, 2011

My other things

If by some slim chance you've found this(I don't see how you would have)
I'd like to let you know that I do other things, suck as Let's Plays on youtube, sometimes rarely post bad MSPaint things on deviantart, and sometimes even more rarely post bad writings on fictionpress.
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Why does modern anime suck so bad? Part 2 of 1

This is a one episode right to dvd release called "Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 [Love]" (WTF?)
about... Oh god i can't bring myself to type it.

"A high school senior named Yotaro thought he was an only child — until he met his real mother and discovered that she has 19 daughters, from 0 to 18 years old. He ends up living with his "true family.""


 The end.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Deadpool is too mainstream and or doesn't work in this era

Oh Deadpool, you were so cool what happened?  Back when Joe Kelly was writing for your book you were the best thing ever, so why, do you now seem so lame?  Let's take a look shall we?
Maybe it has to do with how the masses view this character, or how the current riders are handling his personality.  But I'm not sure, I think it may have something to do with the current time period we're in; Deadpool came out in the nineties(well technically the end of the eighties) and at that time that character that he was was the norm, a superhero who uses guns and violence instead of heroics, darker, edgier, more mature.

But Deadpool was a parody of these things, a parody of the nineties action hero when the nineties action hero was still popular. At the beginning of Deadpool's first run of comics he was in the height of the nineties action hero, and I think that gave him a distinct advantage, because he could appeal to those who liked the nineties action hero and at the same time appealing to those who didn't like the nineties action hero, simply brilliant.

But now, in 2011, he's not only no longer a parody of nineties action heroes, but he is a parody of himself; I think it's partially to blame for the handling of his characterization by the writer Daniel way, but that can't be just it, because even with Daniel way's subpar writing compared to Joe Kelly or even Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool still does things that he would have done in the older comics, just not as often.

But now, he's nothing more than a relic, and that's partially due to do with the mainstream popularity of this character.
Deadpool is so popular right now and that is another issue, even the best things need to be controlled and moderated, I like chocolate ice cream but I don't wanna have it for every meal of the day; just like I don't want Deadpool to begin every comic in all of marvel.
No one comic book character needs three ongoing series guest appearances in every other series in their lineup just because people on the Internet think he's funny.
Is it hit start to say that Deadpool was to mainstream?  Yeah yes it is, but it needs to be said.
For in my opinion it feels as the Deadpool do things in comics simply because of writers think it would be funny for him to do it and not to get any logic at all, all they see is a psychotic character in a red and black jumpsuit, whose self aware that he's in a comic.  But Deadpool was so much more than that, sure it was a nutjob, but you could tell he has a good heart, he just struggles with his past and the ability to break free from it.

And yes there were tons a silly things in the old comics but they weren't as silly as they are now, in the old comics Deadpool might have encountered a ton of ripoff Deadpools, but in the new comics Deadpool is fighting a monkey assassin, wearing armor made out of chopped meat, and randomly becoming a pirate. Do I still read the comics?  Yes I do, but I'm not enjoying them as much as I should for a character that I used to love so much.
Hell I have a Deadpool figure sitting on my desk right now.

So in conclusion, I feel that Deadpool is mainstream popularity has led to the downfall of his quality; that were once he would do things to make fun of a specific point about nineties comics, now he does random shit for the lulz

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bioware are sellouts part 2 (chapter 2 of the sellouts saga)

 Previously on the Sellout saga; Bitching about dragon age.

Now don't get me, I love dragon age 1, I just wanted to highlight the signs of things to come.

I, along with everyone else was looking forward to the next game, hoping for more adventures of our favorite Gray Warden and friends. What why got however, was a rushed, unfinished cash grab most likely pushed upon Bioware by EA(another story entirely)
On to the points!

1: It's dumbed down.
And I mean REALLY dumbed down, to the point it might as well be a hack and slash game, hell it is seeing as you have to press a button every time you want to swing your sword, you have one weapon stat which is damage I think.
In the first game, you could be a human, a dwarf, or an elf; Each with more then one opening quest. Now however, you can be Hawke, a human. and yeah in DA:O you were stuck with a last name two, but for some reason that didn't bother me there, it does here. Why ask, because that's what Mass Effect did, you don't make a massive original world fill with unique races just to make some be stuck as a something that exists in the REAL WORLD. This bit will bleed into the next point which is...

2: Lack of content.
DA:O had 3 main cities, a few miner ones and some misc locations. DA2 has ONE city.
Do you see a problem here? I do, same with the lack of race choice, which removes the unique starting quests thus lowering the replayability, and the 5 or so dungeons reused over and over throughout the whole thin.

3:The name bugs me.
 Dragon Age 2? there was never really a Dragon Age 1, for the first game is called Dragon Age Origins, not just Dragon Age, a nitpick a know, but come on people. (Also Origins isn't um, the origins of anything)

4: Has almost no connection to DA:O
Hawkes adventures bare no relation to the first game, at all, unlike *shudders* Mass Effect.
yet another sign that they didn't really care about their fans.

On to Mass Effect 2.
I have not actually played this game so I'll be short.

1: it's pretty much a corridor shooter

2: Plot like the first one doesn't really end and you have to play the next one to see the end, I never like that.

On to the KoTOR MMO.

1: They made an MMO instead of an actual sequel, 'nuff said.

TL;DR Bioware sucks

Stay tuned(wonder how many young people will understand this) for the next part, where we deal with a completely different sellout, can you guess who? wait for it... it's, um... some sellout, don't you worry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why does modern anime suck so bad?

Back in my day(God that made me feel old) an action anime was an action anime. it didn't need a bunch of dicking around in school, fan service episodes where everyone GOES TO THE BEACH! or goddamn secret agent MAIDS
this is what's wrong with anime
Sacred Seven sucks

Even one of my favorite anime of ALL TIME falls into gratuitous fan service in the first episode; That show being the insanely awesome Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. And I for one really am annoyed it's there, if the fan service wasn't there it would still by just as good of a show.

What's even worse is the way people act about the fan service, they like it, which of course is why studios are still doing it.

If you want to make a show about boobs fine, more power to ya, but don't keep shoving that crap into my asskicking action shows.

Bioware are sellouts part 1 (chapter one of the sellouts saga)

Bioware, oh Bioware; What happened to the game dev that made Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, even Dragon Age? Gone I tell you, hopefully not for good.

Now where to begin, oh right, the rushed sequels, the dumbing down of already simple game mechanics, and so on. First they release Mass Effect, a third person shooter masquerading as a Role Playing Game because they feel to afraid to anger their diehard RPG fans if they made an action game; or maybe they themselves are ashamed that they made a game so clearly pandering to the so called "console generation"
that they tried to make it somewhat of an rpg to justify it. Not I understand that first and foremost they need to make money, I'm not saying they shouldn't do what sells.
But then They released Dragon Age: Origins(a name that implies sequels) and everyone rejoiced, it felt like Bioware were going back to their roots, and the game was good, very good: so Bioware were back right? Wrong, and here's why.

1: Day one DLC.
Need I say more, I do? Alright. My copy of the game came with this plastic card with a code on it that said something like "This code unlocks Shale, a new ingame follower" and at first I was like OK cool I like free stuff, but then it hit me, "why was this not just in the game from the start? I mean this is a brand new game and it already has DLC?"
Why should I have to download something that should have been in the game from the start?

2:The DLC the followed
Yeah two whole points about DLC, but I mean come on, why has this not been said before?
The DLC that came out after the game was all a cheap cash in, some was utterly pointless, like the "party pranks" and others seem like they should have already been in the game. I'm looking at you, DLC that you have to buy to get the conclusion to the cliffhangers of the story.

Only two things to say about dragon age 1 tune in next time when I talk about dragon age two, mass effect 2 and the upcoming Knight of the Old Republic MMO